Kiara Watson Video

Kiara specializes in wedding videography and family films. She is based in Destin, Florida but travels all over the Florida Panhandle and to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Wedding Videography

All weddings may share the same purpose, but they are actually very different. Each couple is unique. You all have different styles, reactions and even quirks. Just like no two weddings are the same, no two of my wedding videos are the same.  My purpose is to capture all that makes each couple unique. While I offer some guidance and direction, I am there to capture your day as it happens. I want it to be genuine and real so that when you look back at your wedding video years later, you love it because it’s you being you.


Family Films

My husband and I recently moved to the Florida Panhandle. Like many others, we both grew up vacationing on Gulf of Mexico with our families. We have so many fond memories from our beach vacations along with some great photos. But what we don’t have, is a way to re-live that season of our lives. We don’t have an authentic archive of us interacting as a family, laughing, playing and yes, even irritating each other. I wish I could see younger me boogie boarding with my dad or building sandcastles with my siblings. While I can’t go back and capture my own family, I can capture and create your very own Family Film.



Follow Me on Pinterest 

pinterest logoAs a wedding videographer, I get to see it all. All the best wedding hacks and ideas that happen both up front and behind the scenes.  Over the past several years I’ve learned what looks good, what works and what you need to know before you plan your wedding.  I’ve decided to channel all of that knowledge through Pinterest.  I will be posting things from my own personal experience as well as sharing the best of what’s already out there. Follow me for the best wedding tips and tricks.



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  1. Kiara is an amazing videographer. She captured the way Andrew and I love each other in such a genuine way. She was professional, encouraging, and always on time. I loved how much and how frequently she communicated, and she just is our video before we even got our pictures back!! I would highly recommend her.


  2. Stacey Thompson June 15, 2017 — 1:38 pm

    We were so pleased with Kiara. She was a pleasure to be around and did a phenomenal job with my family of 32. It will definitely be a family tradition to have her come capture so many wonderful memories. Love it and we are over the top happy with the final video.


  3. Not only is Kiara a joy to be around, she is an INCREDIBLE videographer! Her work is amazing and we couldn’t be happier with our final video!! She was able to capture all of the moments– big and small–of our wedding day that made it such a special day. We cry happy tears every time we watch it! We are so thankful for Kiara’s passion for capturing memories, and her true talent doing so!!


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