Promotional & Event Videography

A promotional video is the best way to show your potential clients who you are and what you are all about. My favorite thing about marketing your business through video is the trust that begins to form before you even come face to face with your customers.

*Introductory Prices Starting at $400*


“Visual Tour”

The Visual Tour is perfect for the storefront business that wants to do a quick showcase of their office, products and/or services. Sometimes, your product or service speaks for itself and all you need to do is show it off. 


Up to one (1) consecutive hour of filming. 

One (1) edited video up to 60-seconds in length

with licensed background music


“Guided Tour”

The Guided Tour is a great way to give a quick overview of your business and tell potential customers why you stand out above the rest. I love this option because it will help you attract the clients you are trying to reach and they will get to you a little more about you before initial contact. 


Up to three (3) consecutive hours of video coverage 

One (1) edited video up to 90-seconds in length 

with licensed background music and audio overlay 


“Extended Tour” 

The Extended Tour is for businesses that want their customers to see the big picture. There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye and this video will show all the hard work you put in to make their experience a cut above the rest.


Up to four (4) consecutive hours of video coverage

One (1) edited video up to 3-minutes in length

One (1) modified video up to 60-seconds in length for Social Media

with licensed background music and audio overlay