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live event photo of Beachside Student Ministry in Fort Walton Beach

Live Event Videography & Photography

Starting my business in weddings has shaped me into a live event videography expert. I know how to get things in one take because that’s the only chance I have. I think quickly and creatively to solve problems and adapt to any environment.

Live event videography and photography packages are custom built to fit your specific event and needs. Tell me about your event and we can plan together.

Conferences and Retreats

Conferences and retreats can be busy and crowded. Hiring a full production team only adds to the already complicated logistics, space and budget. Depending on the scale of your event, I can run the entire photo and video production either solo or with a small hand-picked team.

In January 2020, I had the privilege of documenting Accenture’s presence at CES in Las Vegas. I captured daily updates from key leaders and overall impressions from each industry. We also highlighted a tour capturing the most impressive and innovative booths in the north and central halls. In all, I created over 15 videos and delivered over 100 photos for a 4-day event. My entire team consisted of two people.

Recent Work

Back to School Bash | Gold Out

Back to School Bash | Gold Out

Beachside Church - High School On Monday, September 10, Beachside Community Church kicked off it's new high school environment by throwing a "Back to School Bash." The event took place in the newly renovated space dedicated to students. The students dressed up for the...