Kiara Watson

Kiara Watson, videographer

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to document special life experiences so that I would never forget them.  Long before the wonderful world of digital technologies we have today, I remember making memory books of family vacations, sports camps and school friends. I’ve always wanted the story to live on, exactly as it happened. Remembering very detail. Every laugh. Every moment.

Nothing is more exciting to me than the feedback I receive when I present someone with a video of their special life event. Hearing their excitement when they realize that they will be able to re-live their special experience over and over again and share it with others is nearly overwhelming.

I approach every event with fresh eyes and new angles.  I strive to capture and preserve each story in a unique way that will be cherished for a lifetime.  I invite you to explore my website or to contact me to learn more about my approach to videography and special event productions, see examples of my work, and get information on my services.

The Watson Crew

My husband, Jonathan, helps me shoot weddings whenever he can. He is my biggest supporter and I would not have made it this far without him.

I also get lots of love from our rescue pups: Breck and Tanner.

Kiara and Jonathan Watson

Our Favorite Things

Kiara: Dogs. Sunshine. Wine.

Jonathan: Coffee. Books. Georgia Football

Breck: Swimming. Fishing. Rolling on dead things.

Tanner: Squirrels. Belly rubs.  Dinner time.

Let’s Connect!

Now, I would love to get to know YOU! Let’s chat about you and your vision for your wedding video, family film or other creative projects!