Pensacola Wedding

Katelyn and Bruce’s ceremony was at Our Lady of Assumption in Pensacola Beach, Florida. This church is large with beautiful stained glass behind the altar and on the right side of the main auditorium. Their ceremony was at 5 Eleven Palafox in downtown Pensacola.

How to Write the Best Wedding Toasts

Writing wedding toasts can be stressful and actually giving them is even harder. I’m definitely no expert in writing or public speaking but throughout my time as a wedding videographer, I’ve observed many things that work and even more that don’t. Here are my suggestions on how to give the best wedding toasts.

1. Briefly introduce yourself. Say your name and your relation to the bride or groom. No need to go on forever, just give a little context for your audience.

2. If you’re not funny, don’t try to be. Keep it sweet and from the heart.

3. If you’re not a public speaker then keep it short, too. The main point is to let the couple know you love them and to give them a toast.

4. Pick your stories carefully. You may think it’s funny to try to embarass your friend on their wedding day, but it’s not. Your story can be funny if it’s funny to everyone and it doesn’t take forever to explain. The best way to go is to tell a heartwarming story that highlights your friendship or makes your friend look good.

5. Leave out inside jokes unless you have time to quickly explain. But honestly, it’s better to leave them out altogether. Talk about those on the bachelor/bachelorette party and stick with something everyone can relate to at the wedding.

6. To me, the best toasts are the ones that tie the toast into the actual speech you just gave. Just like Katelyn’s sister talked about how much she learned from watching her big sister and then toasted to them for “showing her how it’s done.”

I’m sure there are many more to add but this is what I’ve learned so far and I think Katelyn & Bruce’s wedding is a great example. 

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