Birth Videography, Maternity Session and Fresh 48

Olivia first contacted me about birth videography but with increasing hospital restrictions due to Covid, we decided the best plan was a maternity video followed by a newborn session. I think it turned out to be a wonderful alternative. 

Welcome to the World, Mikelin Brae

Olivia and Zander wanted a boy for so long and gave up for a while. They were pleasantly surprised when they dicsovered they were expecrting and even more so when they found out it was a boy. Their girls, Anna and Sydney, couldn’t be more excited.

Such a special gift deserves a special name. and I love how they came up with Mikelin Brae. Mikelin is a combination of their fathers’ names and Brae is each first inital of their brothers’ names. 

mom holding newborn baby for maternity video
two sisters looking at newborn baby brother for maternity video

Filming Maternity Videos

This was my first time doing a maternity video. I was a little nervous at first but as soon as we got to the beach, everything fell right into place. The best part was interviewing each family memeber so that they can remember how they were feeling during the aniticapation of Mikelin’s arrival.

Capturing this moment was particularly important to Olivia because she is also a photographer. She understands that documenting these memories will keep them fresh in their minds forever. You can see some of Olivia’s work on her website. 

Maternity Videos & Newborn Sessions

I am always so honored to be involved with maternity, birth or newborn sessions. It’s such a special moment a family’s life and I love documenting it for them. Contact me to learn more about the services I can offer or watch a related video: Jet’s Birth Video 

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