A Family Film for Tinsley’s 2nd Birthday

This is the Sweeten Family’s third family film but Tinsley’s first real appearance. In their previous family film, Taylor was still pregnant with Tinsley!

They did their first family film when Tucker was just learning to walk. We captured his first trip to the beach and trying to walk on the sand. In the next film, Tucker was running all over the beach and even chasing girls! This year, the kids show off by singing their favorite cartoon theme song. Watch until the very end for an extra song from Tucker. 

I love getting to capture the same family over several years becasue I really get to see their kids grow up. It’s so fun to look back at previous years to see how much has changed.

Watch their first two family films:

2017 Destin, Florida

2018 Panama City Beach, Florida

brother and sister hugging on the beach

Family & Lifestyle Films

Family and Lifestyle Films are the best way to preserve a special memories with the ones you love most. It’s so fun to look back on past family films and see how much everyone has changed. 

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