Hayley & Josh Elope on Pensacola Beach

Due to military travel restrictions during the Covid pandemic, Josh was unable to travel from his station at NAS near Pensacola Beach. Instead of cancelling their wedding, Josh and Hayley decided to downsize their guest list and keep the original date. They rented a beach house and hired local vendors to create a small, intimate Pensacola Beach Wedding. 

About Their Wedding Videography Package

Since Hayley and Josh weren’t having a reception, they only needed about 4 hours of coverage. That wedding videography package usually includes documentary style edits of the day including the ceremony and the beginning of the reception. We decided to upgrade the reception documentary edit into a creative ceremony edit. That is when we mix the best part of the ceremony with other footage captured during preps and portraits.  In this case, we used their personal vows as the audio overaly. 

The quarantine orders from April allowed me to get caught up on all my projects. Because of that, I was able to turn their entire wedding videography package around in less than two weeks. Most of the time, it takes around 6-8 weeks. Sometimes it can take longer depending on how busy I am that wedding season. 

First, Haley and Josh received a full length video of their ceremony just two days after the wedding. I wanted them to quickly share with any friends or family that couldn’t be there for the celebration. 

Next they received a sneak peek video on Facebook and Instagram. This video included the sweetest parts of their vows and most of their video portaits.

Finally, they received their highlight film which contained a full edit of their vows and even more shots from the day.

Although Hayley and Josh’s Pensacola beach wedding wasn’t what they originally planned, it was special and sweet.

Many times, I find that the smallest, simplest weddings are my favorite ones. Everyone there knows each other so well that it brings a deeper level of intimacy and love. They are so grateful to have their closest friends and family with them to celebrate. I’m always so honored to be there to witness and capture those special moments. 

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