Kirkpatrick Family: Mother’s Day Photos

Every year around Mother’s Day, the Kirkpatrick family take a beach trip to Fort Morgan, Alabama. This year was extra special because it was Brittany’s first mother’s day as a new mom. Her big sister, Danielle, decided to schedule a family beach photo session for her first Mother’s Day gift. 

Mother's Day portrait of mother holding baby boy on the beach
grandparents holding grandsons on the beach for Mother's Day gift photo shoo
mother tickling son on the beach

We were a little worried about the weather but the rain held off and the clouds added the perfect touch their backdrop. My favorite part was the colorful beach houses behind the sand dunes. It was a little windy but we didn’t let that stop us from captuing this special milestone for Brittany and their family. After trying a few posed shots, we went for a walk on the beach. Collier loved swinging between his grandparents arms and running ahead of the group. He definitely stole the show!

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

I’m not a mom but I also got a great mother’s day gift this year. I got to catch up with my best friend from middle and high school.

Danielle and I were BFFs from 8th-12th grade. We went to high school together and played softball on the same travel team. We went everywhere together and had the best time. After high school, we went to college in different states and slowly lost touch. When she told me she would be in Fort Morgan for Mother’s Day, I was so excited for the chance to meet up. 

Mother's Day family beach portrait of husband and wife and baby boy
moms sitting with son on sand dunes
mother's day photo shoot on moms swinging son
baby on dad's shoulders while mom looks up at baby
Grandparents walking with grandson in front of beach houses
Family beach portrait for mother's day gift
Family beach portrait for mother's day gift

Mother's Day Gift

Let’s be honest. Your mom’s house is full of all kinds of things she doesn’t need. Don’t add to the clutter. Instead, book a family film or photo session. You will give her something much more precious all while making memories together. 

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mother's day photo shoot on the beach
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