Bearded Beach Hippie

Bearded Beach Hippie is a stand-up paddle board and bike rental company serving the Gulf Coast. They deliver right to your front door whether you are renting for a day or a week. Their customer service is impeccable and their prices are unbeatable.

If your beach house isn’t on the water, the best offer for you is the bike and paddle board combo. They have bikes with trailors that carry your board for you. All you have to do is peddle.

The best time to paddle board in the Gulf of Mexico is early in the morning when the water is still calm. It’s highly likely that you’ll see a few turtles or stingrays while you’re out early. If you’re lucky, you will see a few dolphins as well. You just can’t beat the water on the Emerald Coast.

female model holding paddle board for branding photography shoot

Branding Photos

Bearded Beach Hippie already had a great brand but they just needed a bit more content and variety. They wanted to show that you can enjoy their paddle boards even if you didn’t have a big beard and long hair.

We met up for four different branding photo sessions to get the variety we needed. 

female model holding stand up paddle board on the beach for branding photography shoot

First, we met early in the morning on Okaloosa Island. Mikella and AJ were our branding models and showed off their paddle board skills on the emerald waters.

Next, we had the guys paddle out in the Choctawhatchee Bay.

They tested their balance with some furry friends and watched the sun set all while showing off some BBH merchandise.


We wanted to get a big group together for the third shoot. We decided to have a “Pizza and Paddle” party in a little private beach in Shalimar, Florida. The group wore their Bearded Beach Hippie t-shirts and shorts.

Finally, my sister and I took the bikes for a spin down my street. We love all the Florida oak trees and sun peeking through the leaves.

Branding Photography Sessions

Branding photography sessions are always fun but especially when the products get us outside and enjoying the beautiful weather and beaches.

Kiara Watson riding a bike in Shalimar, Florida
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