Orlando and Molly met in college and quickly hit it off. Orlando even joked about marrying her on their first date. He really new she was the one when all of his friends wanted her around. I loved being at Molly and Orlando’s wedding because you could really see how they are best friends. They had so much fun together and with all their friends and family.

There were seveal details about Molly’s wedding day that I loved. First, she had a small photo of her and her mom attached to her bouquet. I also loved that Orlando’s mom actually made his groom’s cake to look like his own car. Finally, I love that they wrote letters to each other before their first look AND wrote their own vows. I know it can be intimidating to share your own words and feelings in front of others but the rest of us LOVE it. Thanks for sharing so many personal details with us and congratulations, Molly and Orlando!

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