Promotional & Branding Photos

12Eleven started as a small town college band at Troy University and quickly grew in popularity all along the Gulf Coast. They often play shows at McGuire’s in Destin and the Hang Out in Gulf Shores, Alabama to name a few. They are currently breaking into the wedding reception world and are sure to show you a good time. Their sets are a mix of classic oldies, top 40, country and hip hop. One thing that makes them stand out is their sax player, Eric McCauley. Having a sax in the band takes their sound and set to the next level. 

Band Members

Vocals & Guitar: Jai Rojas

Vocals & Sax: Eric McCauley

Lead Guitar: Daniel Hunt

Bass: Denver Wallace

Drums: Pierce Gilmore

Band Photography

Let’s work together to create the perfect look for your band. I like to get to know you both as a group and individually to make sure we represent who you really are and the message you are trying to convey.


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Visit 12 Eleven’s website to see a list of their shows and what they are up to today. 

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