The Kind of Love that Makes a Marriage

Brittany and Ben wrote the sweetest vows to each other and it’s easy to see that God brought them together. They are a great example of Christ’s love for us and how we should return that love to one another.

I love this quote from their minister:

“So marriage is not a relationship where you must give up anything. It’s a relationship where you willingly give over everything. A relationship where you literally give everything you have and lose nothing of who you are. And that’s the kind of love that makes marriage, marriage.”

I think so many people miss this. It’s hard to explain and sometimes a little hard to understand but I love how he puts it. He does such a great job connecting how Jesus’s love for us mirrors how we should love in our marriage. He goes on to say:

“But secondly understand, it’s a love that sacrifices. It’s a love that is willing to pay the highest price. It is not a willingness to die, actually, it is a willingness to live. It’s a willingness to provide life. It’s a love that produces the willingness to lay down your life that your spouse might take up theirs. Just think about it: The willingness to pay the highest price so that your spouse can experience the deepest love. That’s what God’s calling you to. Christ came to serve and to sacrifice for us, so that we could experience true life.

You aren’t losing yourself, you are willingly giving yourself for the person you love most so that they may experience the truest and deepest love.




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