Costa Rica Missions Teaches Us to be Salt and Light in Our Community

This summer, Jonathan and I had the opportunity to do a Costa Rica missions trip with a group of seven Beachside Community Church students and three additional leaders. We partnered with a local friend at Shalom Church in Fraijanes, Alajueja District.

Shalom Church sets the bar high when it comes to taking care of the people in their community. We learned so much by their example.

Here are just a few things that Shalom does for Costa Rica Missions:

  • Builds sidewalks and bus stops
  • Picks up trash on streets
  • Plants flowers around the town
  • Gives jobs to people in the community through the church’s greenhouses and cafeteria
  • Run a day center for senior men and women – offering transportation, entertainment and food while their primary caregivers are at work
  • Teaches women skills so they can support themselves and leave abusive relationships
  • Supports nearby refugee neighborhoods
  • Builds homes for those in need

I know I’m not even close to listing all the amazing things they do for their community. We were all amazed at their hard work and dedication. It was an honor to serve alongside them and to give our students an experience I hope they will never forget. We all left inspired by their leadership and hope to do more in our own community.

Missions Videography

Help your students document their mission work and what they learn in the process. Inquire for more information.

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