Four Generations of Fun in Panama City Beach

I’ve had the honor of knowing this amazing family for over 10 years. Some of my favorite memories from high school are on the softball field with Whitney.  We, along with pretty much everyone else at our high school, loved going down the street after games to Shane’s Rib Shack. Whitney’s uncle, Shane, opened the Rib Shack when we were only in middle school. It immediately became a staple for everyone in the Union Grove community and it wasn’t long before it spread all over the southeast.  I’m very thankful to Shane and his family for opening the Rib Shack because it was (and still is) where I’ve made so many memories with my friends.

Their family has grown significantly larger (and cuter) since our days on the ball field but one thing hasn’t changed: they love to spend time together.  I’ve always admired how they make these family reunions a priority and I’m so thankful they gave me the opportunity to capture and preserve some of those memories forever. I hope they will cherish this family video for years to come.


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