My vision for Family Films fell perfectly into place when I met the Carters

As I waited for them by the sand dunes, I went ahead and got my gear ready.  I’m so glad I did because as soon as they arrived, the kids darted right past me towards the beach – it was like I wasn’t even there.

That is exactly how I want it to be. I want you to have a fun and natural experience enjoying family time as you always would — jumping waves, building sandcastles or playing catch.  My hope is that you forget I’m even there. Or in the Carter kids’ case, never notice I was there to begin with!

There are several things I love about the Carter Family’s video.

I love how it captures each child’s personality and immediately you know what their interests are at this stage in their lives – like how much the youngest daughter loves the water and how fun-loving and carefree the oldest is by the way she dances around in the sand.  You can see how their son loves playing catch and how he runs everywhere he goes.

Most of all, I love seeing mom and dad as they interact with the kids and with each other. Parents are always taking pictures of their children, but they are rarely in the photos themselves. Even more rarely are they in them all together.

Thank you to the Carter Family for letting me take a peek into your lives. I hope that you love this memory as much as I do.

I would love to capture moments like this for your family.
visit my Family Films page or contact me with any questions!





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