My First Family Film

With a little inspiration from a friend, I have decided to offer a video service to capture authentic family moments for Florida Panhandle locals and vacationers.

To see if I could truly capture the moment and the essence of the family dynamic, I called one of my good friends and asked if I could film her family.  We met at their house and walked to the sound at the end of their street, a place they frequent as a family.

Nothing was staged or posed. We simply captured something they love to do as a family.  It was easy, fun and real. What I love most about their video is how it captures their son’s personality at two years old. And even better, his dad wrote and recorded the song you hear in the background.



My Inspiration

My inspiration to explore this new service comes from my sweet friend, Rachel Maglott of Compass Films and Kindred Reel.  She and her husband have been capturing sweet, simple moments that they share together as a family. It’s not huge life events… it’s just their life. It’s what they enjoy doing most as a family. Usually, it’s a picnic in the park or a stroll on the nature trail. It’s family time that they will always want to remember. After watching her family videos over and over, I knew I wanted to help families capture and preserve moments of their lives forever. Thank you Rachel for the coaching and inspiration.


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